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Far Beyond Driven is a guild on the yosndre server. The guild is made up of fun, friendly, and (mostly) mature adults. Our focus as a guild is to progress through end-game content while still remaining casual in our approach and attitude. We are known for being a very good casual guild progression-wise, we want to break the top 5 horde guilds on our server. 

Current focus:
THE LICH KING! Our determination and steady pace has paid off. We will begin focusing on ICC10 hard modes after and starting to venture into Ruby Sanctum. Go Far Beyond Driven!

Our current raid status is:


ICC25: 0/12
ICC10: 5/12


Raid Information:

We schedule one 10-man raid a week on friday, saturday. Invites start at 7:00 EST (8:30pm PST) and Our raids end at 2:30am EST (11:30pm PST).  We also run guild 5-mans that usually form on weekday evenings at our normal raid time and often continue on other off-nights.


See our recruiting chart to the left to our current recruiting needs! If your class is not on the list, know that we are ALWAYS looking for exceptional players to add to our roster, so apply above!


To Apply To Far Beyond Driven:

Click the "Apply to The Far Beyond Driven" link at the top of this page.  This will take you to our application form.  Please fill out as much of this information as you can; it will really help us get an overview of who you are, and speed up the application process (which makes it faster for you!)  Responses are limited to 2000 characters. 


Pro tip #1:  We're trying to get to know you, so please be as clear and thoughtful as possible.

Pro tip #2:  We have officers that care about spelling, grammar, and punctuation.


Contact Info:

Feel free to contact Khadu, listermean, Aimeeann, Endrhunt or Mcflyy in-game if you have any questions.

Thank You!


Guild News    
Other Guild News

Icc Progression!

TheFarbeyonddriven, Oct 17, 10 7:22 PM.
Congratz to everyone that participated in are first ever icc run!!!!

as you all know we downed Lord Morrowgar, Lady Deathwisper.

We conquered the gunship and on are first try we defeated lord saurfang! Good job all!


Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

TheFarbeyonddriven, Oct 16, 10 5:43 PM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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Ysondre (PvP)
Far BeyØnd Driven is currently recruiting the following:
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Blood (5)
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Feral (5)
Restoration (5)
Beast Masters (5)
Marksmanship (5)
Survivalists (5)
Arcane (5)
Fire (5)
Frost (5)
Holy (5)
Protection (5)
Retribution (5)
Discipline (5)
Holy (5)
Shadow (5)
Assassination (5)
Combat (5)
Subtlety (5)
Elemental (5)
Enhancement (5)
Restoration (5)
Affliction (5)
Demonology (5)
Destruction (5)
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